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Monday, February 22, 2016

Work has begun on a new “Corporate” Web Site


DNS Technology Consultants, Inc. has begun a project that involves the restructuring of the corporate website and consolidation of blog sites.   At the moment, the company maintains 10 different blog sites and will be fusing these all under one blog site with different categories feeding the other websites.

This will allow for better time management when it comes to making posts and updates, as well as, maintaining the blogging software which will eventually all being converted over to Blogger and maintained by Google.

We have grown from just having a humble single website to having almost 32 different websites and it is time to start cutting back and getting back to our roots.

This project will probably take some time since we still have client projects and other priorities to take care of at the same time; however, do not be surprised if you see drastic changes whe you visit us in the futrure.

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