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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Resource Page/Update Modifications–v2.612-S

This is a minor modification, that will hopefully make a few things easier with resource pages and posting updates that are made with WSMS.

1.  Resource Page Editor and Display Updated – Additional Feature – You can now select 2 separate views for the resource page display.   1) display the headings on the side of the list (default), or 2) display the headings on top of the lists.   There is now an option on the resource page editor that will allow you to select between the 2 separate views.     Also, you have the option to either sort the page by the categories ascending (default) or decending order.    This was includes since we do have clients who use the resource pages to post meeting minutes in the past we had to create custom display pages for their resources.   Now this is an option on the editor to switch the sort order on the display.

2. The WSMS blog has officially be removed and incorporated as part of the DNSTC Development blog.    This is part of the project combinging resources to make updates quicker and simpler.

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