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Friday, February 19, 2016

Converting from WordPress Blog to Blogger

This procedure will allow you to convert an existing WordPress blog over to Blogger.   The steps are fairly simple; however, can become time consuming and combersome when you have to transfer over the images from the previous blog site.
The following are the basic “quick” steps:
  1. Create the new Blogger site.
  2. Login into your WordPress site.
  3. Export your WordPress site.
    1. Tools –> Export –> All content
    2. Save the .xml file to the desktop.
  4. Convert the Wordress XML to a Blogger import file.
    1. Connect to: 
    2. Follow the directions on the screen.
    3. When finished, save the converted file.
  5. Upload the converted file into your Blogger site.
  6. The longest tedious part is now to go through each post and move over the graphics to the new site.   You have to do this post-by-post.
For more detailed information:

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