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Monday, February 20, 2012

DNSTC WSMS Version 2.7 Update Release

boxCoverForWebIt has been almost a year before a major update has been released for WSMS, and this one was a little overdue.  We made a few enhancements and a couple of bug fixes to the WSMS software to make it even better than before.  The software has been operational for almost a year and has even made a server upgrade with no issues.  We now have several clients running this software behind their website and plan on using it from now on as our official CMS system.  For more information about the WSMS system, please visit the DNSTC WSMS Webpage.

As for this update, please see the release notes below:

Testimonial Page Upgrade

Created an upgrade to the testimonials page what will allow visitors to leave testimonials.  This enhancement requires and update to the testimonials table to work correctly.  You also have to go into the configuration table in turn Upgraded Testimonials to Y.  Once this is done, there will be a form that appears on the testimonials page that allows users to submit their testimonial.  When they do, an e-mail is sent to the admin e-mail.  The admin then needs to log in and approve the testimonial in order for it to be shown on the website.

About this page information updated

Added a display for the meta descriptions and the meta keywords when you select the page for editing.  This then allows you to quickly look at the page to see what is configured for the page description and keywords and allows you to select information to be copied to other pages.  You should not have two pages with the same description; however, you can have the same keywords on multiple pages.

Sorting on page catalog listing

Added the ability to sort the main page selection either by page number or by page name which was the default.  When you have multiple pages within WSMS it is not as easy to find the pages so we needed the ability to sort the listing by the page number as well.  Also added the description (text) of the page types to the right instead of the numbers.  This way we now know the page type without looking up the numbers.

Reports and Utilities Section Added

We added a new utility called Reports and Utilities.  This section will be housing miscellaneous utilities and reports to help manage your website.  The first report that has been added is the Meta Page Information report that lists all of the titles, meta description, and meta keywords for all of the pages.

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