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Sunday, February 19, 2012

8 Tips to Defend Against Online Financial Fraud Threats

network_securityI constantly receive and read e-mails and articles that help small business owners with Internet issues.  As I come across some important information to share, I will post it here to our blog so that others may benefit as well.

Here is an interesting article I came across the other day written by Thor Olavsrud on

The tag paragraph for the article reads as followings:

Criminals are increasingly seeking to hijack the accounts of business owners and executives to initiate fraudulent wire transfers that can cost organizations a fortune. Here are eight steps you can take to defend your organization against such attacks.

The following is a summary of the 8 Tips:

  1. Talk to your financial institution.
  2. Perform regular security audits and risk assessments.
  3. Install an anti-virus solution on your computers and network and keep it completely updated.
  4. Dedicate a computer for financial transactions and only use it for financial transactions.
  5. Segregate responsibility for initiating wires from the responsibility for authorizing them, and ensure that each party uses different computers with different authorization credentials.
  6. Keep a suspicious mind when you receive email that asks you to click on a link, open an attachment or that seeks your credentials-even if it's from a trusted source like your bank.
  7. Be careful when following links on social networking sites or when asked to give information over the phone.
  8. Review your online banking records on a daily basis.

The article goes on and explains what you can do if you think you have been compromised.

For the full article:

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