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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Version 2.614-S Update

With this update there are changes made the the resource list type page and well as the main index.php page itself.   This update also requires updating one of the tables.
There was an added feature again made again to the resource type page.   The last update changed how the resources can be viewed and sorted on the web page (see Resource Page/Update Modifications v2.612-S for details), but this update changes how the links perform on the page.   You now have the option to tell the link to open in a new window (default) or open in the same page.   This will now allow users to use the resource page type as somewhat of a menu system on their webpage.

For the resource update, we added a field to the wsms_resources table called targetw.  There is where the value is stored for either _blank or _top.   To update a site to this version, you will need to run the table update utility under the WSMS admin section.

Also within this update, we changed the title of the page so that it displays the client’s name.  This is useful if you are editing more than one website at a time and you can switch between the WSMS systems.

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