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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

DNSTCWSMS Major Version 2.601 Roles Out

With this new update, there were a lot of changes made to the photo management and photo pages.   This was done to make things much easier to update your website.  Some of these changes include a new drag/drop interface that is not reliant on Java, but uses JQuery to upload a massive amount of photos and resize them as they are being uploaded.  Also, you can now rotate pictures through the photo editing page.

Here is a list of changes for version 2.601:
  • On the main listing of pages:  Added the license# at the top, added column to show exterior file name of page (if used), add the ability to sort by exterior file name and hit count, corrected the overall CSS to fix the headings.
  • Reviewed most all fields that is saving data so that special codes can now be saved without crashing the saving process via AJAX.
  • On the summaries page, there was a modification made on how the page is being displayed on the webpage.   Instead of using a table to separate the columns, it now uses <DIV> so that if you are creating a site that is responsive, the DIV on the right will collapse and move under the one of the left for smaller screens.   More of these change will be coming in the future.
  • This biggest change with this version is the new Drag/Drop upload for the photos.   When you select this option, a screen will pop-up and you can just drag your photos over to the box.   We had this in previous versions; however, the upload engine was in JAVA and recent security updates required that you needed special security settings.   Now when you upload images, the thumbnails are created the same size as well as to prevent some of the jagged display of images in the past.
  • The lightbox has also be upgraded to work under HTML5.
  • Another feature that was added during this update is the ability to rotate photos on the photo editing page after you already have them uploaded.   This was always an issue in the past and you would have to manually download, rotate, and upload them again.  Now this can be done right through the WSMS interface.

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