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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Having Multiple Websites for Your Business

I was in a meeting last night and an interested topic came up that I never really thought about before.  That is having multiple websites for your business.   Let me elaborate just a little more.

We were discussing an “Open House” event for a new program my potential client was putting together.  I made the suggestion of creating a new website that is specifically dedicated to the program since this they already have an existing and pretty elaborate website.  That way everything on the new site would contain only information for the new program and the content can start out with the announcement and pictures from the event.

The response that I got (which as you can tell since I am blogging about it), was, “Well, I don’t want to create another business and have to deal with all of that.” I have never realized that most “Non-Techy” business owners don’t know that you could have multiple websites for your business.  I will give you a prime example of this.  DNS Technology Consultants, Inc. owns 37 different websites, all of which has a link back to the main company.  There is no limit as to how many different sites your company can own and have actively on the Internet.   I say, the more information that you have out there the better.

Once I explained this, and the fact that in the footer of the website you just state that it is owned by Company B, then all is well the suggestion was more acceptable.

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