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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The 10 Golden Rules to Attracting Authority Links

Through some research I was doing, I came across the term “Authority Links.”  Of course I wasn’t sure what these were, what this a new buzz word on the net, should I know what these are?  Well, I highlighted it and hopes of having some time to come back to it and do some research.

It is well known that links back to your blog or website will account for 42.8% (2011 statistics) of your Page Level Link Metrics for your Google Page Rank, but the importance of those links or quality may outweigh the quantity.  There is where authority links comes in.  For example, if there was a link from the Google Blog to your site, the “link juice” that they would provide would be much greater than being linked within 100 other web directories.

Again, within my research, I have game across a post that gives 10 ways to attract authority links.  This one is worth some reading.  Here is the summary, please click on the link below for the details.
  1. Write content that attracts Editorial In-content Links
  2. Fix other people’s broken links
  3. Create a desirable image library
  4. Offer to write a column or do a guest post
  5. Go to where your target audience hangs out
  6. Fill gaps in content
  7. Contact big media at the right time
  8. Approach government or education sites
  9. Buy links without penalty
  10. Know the difference between a good and a bad site
This is a very well written article.  Connect to the article The 10 Golden rules to Attracting Authority Links by Neil Patel for more details.

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