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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Server Cut Over Update

After several days (15 days) of moving over accounts, checking for errors, fixing issues, changing password, and so on, we are down to 4 more domains left to complete the move to the new server.  So far, everything has been working out great and the new server is working better than expected.   If you have not heard from DNSTC directly, then you site is probably already on the new server. 

You can check by sending a ping request to your domain and it should be pointing to instead of

This has not been a stress free project, but one that needed done desperately.  In the past 10 days, the old server has locked up about 20 times and it is slowly dying.

We got a great 7 years out of that server and billions of packets of traffic.  It will be sadly missed; however, it will under go some slight surgery and will reappear as a gaming server in a week or so after everything has been moved over.  I will post another update once everything is moved.

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