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Friday, February 18, 2011

Creating a new page type in WSMS

WSMS is a CMS system developed by DNS Technology Consultants, Inc.

The following are the directions on how to add a new page type in WSMS: 

  1. Create the new table (if needed)

  2. Add the new page to the pageTypes table in wsms_wsms

  3. If there is anything special that needs to take place for the page when the page is created, then add it to aj-new-page-add.php.

  4. Add the menu items for the new page into the menuitems table in wsms_wsms.

  5. Create the editor page for the content.

  6. Add a new function in wsms_ajax.js

  7. Go back to the menutiems table in wsms_wsms and add the new function that you created for the editor.

  8. Add a new reference in wsms_display_functions.php

  9. Add the table to the table definitions in wsms_wsms so that it can be installed.

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